Kindergarten Program

We offer a 4-year-old funded kindergarten program for children attending school the following year. The Kindergarten program is integrated with the long day care program, and both are delivered by experienced teachers. Kindergarten sessions run from 8.30am to 1:30pm each day excluding school holidays.


Our Kindergarten program features a play-based curriculum, underpinned by intentional teaching, with a focus on exploratory learning. By affirming each child’s sense of wonder and discovery, our experienced teachers provide rich experiences that stimulate each child’s development. Our service is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment to encourage each child to develop their emotional, physical, intellectual, creative, and communication abilities. We value the uniqueness of each child, and appreciate the developmental differences and diverse family values. At Shirley Robertson children’s centre we strive to provide a culturally diverse program that reflects both individual and group needs.

The fantastic indoor and outdoor facilities at Shirley Robertson Children’s Centre provide an environment where children can play safely, discover, learn, create, improvise and imagine. We conduct additional regular activities which are included in fees that complement each room's program.

Elements of the program include:

  • Early Years Literacy

  • Early Years Numeracy

  • Embedding sustainable practice and exploring sustainable concepts

  • Exploring science and nature

  • Community connectedness

  • Supporting the involvement of girls in STEM

  • Exploring the world around us (culture, tradition and geographical elements)

  • Health and wellbeing

  • Equity and Social Justice

  • Indigenous education 

Shirley Robertson Children’s Centre was officially opened on 21st September 1978. It was named after Shirley Robertson, a Coburg councillor, who later became the Mayor of Coburg. Shirley Robertson applied for the funds to have this kindergarten built. SRCC was an uncommon model with only 3 in Victoria of this type. It was primarily a kindergarten but also offered before and after kinder care for working families.